Ukraine Crisis

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Lives are being turned upside down by war, leaving millions of people in need of urgent help.

Millions of people inside Ukraine are without adequate water and electricity, or are unable to reach stores to buy basic necessities because roads and bridges are unpassable.

Over 3 million refugees have crossed into neighbouring countries since the start of the war. Inside Ukraine, the conflict has left more than an estimated 2 million people internally displaced.

Our teams are on the ground in Poland and Ukraine working around the clock to scale up our response. In partnership with local organisations, IRC are mobilising resources to provide critical aid to families fleeing the conflict. Your donation will help us provide urgent aid to refugees from crisis zones like Ukraine.

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The IRC helps people in more than 40 countries, whose lives are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control over their future. Your donation will be used wherever the need is greatest.